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weekend prelim

Summers ARE here. Did I already write about that? well, sorry, But you see, it is only just February. last yr the winters lasted till march.
Well, I got the full brunt of summers when I went to JAipur.
Let me begin at the so-called beginning of the trip...and skip the preliminary bits.
So, after I thought i was remarkably on time, and for once before time, with an hour to spare, i ran to the bus, just as it revved up to leave.
I sat in the bus, messaged everyone, and was generally going wild with excitement.
Then i looked out of the office bus. I didnt recognise a thing!
and then it began.

This is a teaser. More to come soon.

PS - is it teaser enough? or is it just too boring to read about my so-called misadventures, that is considering that I do have some readers here!

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