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weekend prelim

Summers ARE here. Did I already write about that? well, sorry, But you see, it is only just February. last yr the winters lasted till march.
Well, I got the full brunt of summers when I went to JAipur.
Let me begin at the so-called beginning of the trip...and skip the preliminary bits.
So, after I thought i was remarkably on time, and for once before time, with an hour to spare, i ran to the bus, just as it revved up to leave.
I sat in the bus, messaged everyone, and was generally going wild with excitement.
Then i looked out of the office bus. I didnt recognise a thing!
and then it began.

This is a teaser. More to come soon.

PS - is it teaser enough? or is it just too boring to read about my so-called misadventures, that is considering that I do have some readers here!

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21st Feb, 2006 08:40 (UTC)
From what i hear - you could write a book regarding your adventures...
Was trying to think up a name for it..Here's a few, "Dee in Wonderland" (too cliche?), "My trip to dipsyland" (kinda like that one), The agony and the ecstasy (i know - its taken unfortunately!), "How i got 'stoned' and other stories", "The mystery of the missing bus, blanket, decent pair of jeans, roaming connection etc" ??
do put it down on paper (or whatever they call this medium anyways)..i am sure it will be an entertaining read.."
21st Feb, 2006 08:43 (UTC)
How could you miss "The (traumatic)Life and Times of D"!! :d
and where did absence of a decent pair of jeans come in?!

and as i write here, me trying to put it up on the net...if not down on paper when u print it.
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