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Crib Time!

Okay, its time...to CRIB!

Stupid Stupid Lotus. Im SICK of mail quota warnings after every single mail, in double now (2mail quota warnings per mail, recieved, as well as sent). even after ive cleared my inbox of one months mail....I mean WHY do I havve to shut down and restart to get it to act normal! (I have only 15days' mail now!)

IDIOTIC comp. Bloody slow! Each window is like royalty...makes me wait rooted to the spot while it cascades down regally, and SLOWLY unveiling itself.

BLOODY B@$t@rds of online data source. THis site we subscribe to for sales data is happily misbehaving since morning. Im sick of using its stupid lengthy format to pin point the parameters so it extracts data...and (poor lil patient me) even after 5 attempts, it still shows up a senseless "error in fields" message at the penultimate step...thus effectively deleting the queiry. 'back' and 'refresh' dont work here!! he. he.

Given up on myself, sitting with feet on chair in office. Not acknowledging any superiors anywhere...on seat, off seat, in corridoors. Ready to politely bite off the head of anyone daring to just daring to ...to...do...anything.

Darn sleepy and to boot feeling nauseous at the thought of coffee. Tea doesnt help. And theres nothing else.
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