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8th March

Last year, it was Womens day celebration time, and I wrote this entry:

This year Im still in Ahmedabad, and the day started with a few tremors...an Earthquake.
Wore a sari to office...in 5 minutes.
And, what daily post can be complete without a mention of IT dept? THe stupid idiots have disabled. Actually disabled the Windows XP start menu. Its now the classic menu! I mean WTF!! WHY? and Ive lost so many handy shortcuts.
Lets see how the rest of the day goes.


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8th Mar, 2006 07:11 (UTC)
19th November - Men's day?
I really truly do not understand the ways of your IT dept. And i wont try to either! Why don't you guys just write a long mail to them about the wrongs (number them) they have done your computer(!) and (here is the clincher) the next time they do something similar, just add to the list. So that in a few days you have an incredibly long mail going out to them each time you have a problem, with past history attached. And may I suggest, CC someone as high as possible in the hierarchy each time you do that :)
And yeah, at the risk of repeating myself, wish you a very happy Woman's Day!
8th Mar, 2006 11:04 (UTC)
Re: 19th November - Men's day?
why 19th nov? ;)
i like the idea of the mail list :)
but knowinf them, they will make a new policy where u cant send such mails! then we will take printouts, then they will make a policy on printouts....

and...thank u for the wishes.
8th Mar, 2006 11:09 (UTC)
Re: 19th November - Men's day?
thats moi in case u couldnt guess

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