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If I were a Man

sometimes (only sometimes?) i wish i was a man.

To start with, i would be able to wear a white t shirt, without a slip.
to get drenched in the rain not worrying about clothes, or how i would look like wet.
i would be able to walk to the corner store wearing what i wore to bed, and no one would comment, look or think twice.
i would be able to play holi, anywhere, with anyone.
travelling on the train would be so simple.
walking home at night would be a possibility which doesnt need second thoughts, and careful consideration.
i could have a book pocket which can store important papers.
Dressing would not entail thinking what i will be wearing below it.
11 in the night will be unsafe, only in terms of a possibilty of robbery, not an unwanted advance.

i would not be eve teased, not followed, commented on, or asked to abide by stupid rules.

I look at all the men i know, have known and feel bad. There they are. so simply unaware of the things they can do. they have the freedom to go out in the rain anywhere. the choice of getting drenched while out on a crowded street. the choice to walk in pajamas on the street. the freedom to stay out late without worrying about the route home.
and so many other things.
yet they dont exercise that option.
no they dont.
they dont get wet in the rain because they are afraid of catching a cold.
they dont want to stay out late because, well, its late and they would rather sleep.
they dont play holi because they canot see the fun in it.

they mock about how women dress up to go out to the corner store.
they joke about a book pocket for women.
they get exasperated at how so many women look at themselves in the mirror from so many angles before stepping out of home.

they comment on the sheerness of a thick cotton top.

and then they stare at women on the roads.

by the time a girl grows up, all this becomes part of so natural a reflex, she wont even realise it. yet thats how it stands. a man in a towel on the streets will not raise as many eyebrows as a woman in her pajamas, let us not even talk of shorts!
yes, there are advantages of being a woman. socially, practicaly. but these are mundane day to day things that, well, just dont seem to make sense.

and i dare any indian male to say "no one ever stopped you".


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15th Mar, 2006 05:17 (UTC)

i genuinely think if men menstruated there would be fewer wars.. wat say...
16th Mar, 2006 04:00 (UTC)
absolutely agree. and they would stop cribbing about the piddling headaches they have once in a while, and make lives during our PMSes better.
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