DippyBlogs (dippyblogs) wrote,

Blogging - how revealing!

hi..well i have not yet figured out how exactly to blog through my offline account..will manage that soon enough i guess. working in office and typing a blog doesnt really help either!
so what i wanted to say.
now psychoanalysis is a subject that is close to the hearts of most ppl. everyone is a great "understander" of others, realise why others react that certatin way to certain things. however, we dont really understand ourselves. that is the most difficult thing to do. take a mirror and look at ourselves. how many of u have seen a snap of urself and said "whoa! is that how I look?" quite a few i guess.
funny how ppl dont realise themselves, their impulses, reactions, and go though life. "I couldnt have said that!" "Was it really me who said that?" common enough coments, and you dont even remember yu made them. our unconcious is so open to the rest of the world. reminds u somewhat of the Johri window right?
in the book english august, there are instances where the hero looks into his own room, and thinks like an outsider looking at his room, to find out what he lives like. What a 3rd person would think he is ilke. These are just ways to find out more about urself.
well now, u realy want to see what u r like..well just read ur blogs of the past few days.
its amazing what free writing can do. ur blogs are what ur thinking, what u want to say, what u r feeling. it is an open door to urself, if only u see it from the view point of a 3rd person.
it shows YOU to urself, and not just what ur room says about u.
it is amazing what pepole inadvertently say through blogs, and it is something that is opent o view to all. it is your mind and heart for anyone and everypne to see, infact you would like them to see it. here is you saying. Look, I exist; read me, I think;
a portal to pour out ur woes and a portal which has a very low chance of anybody reading it. a secret diary where u know there are ppl whom u dont know reading it, for everyopne wants to share a secret. but something which u know u wont be judged upon. not by ur near ones at least. here u are urself, a human entity who does not need to think within constraints of society or norm. u can bullshit here about anything, anybody, and noone questions you.
yes, you would like to have somebody say something about what u have written, but u would rather it be compliance and if not...well...who cares?!
so Blog on my fellow Bloggers! if not anything else, we are here for each other. open urselves to the world, and see ur inner most thoughts. Just by being here, and this very site existing, we say We are here for you, cheering u on in ur noble quest of YOURself.

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