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Of Balance and Equilibrium, Numbers and analyses

came across an interesting site on world statistics. these are just projections based on past trends, but the point is, even though they may be incorrect, they definitely are interesting. Ones to note are not only the numeric values, but also the frequency of change. (compare number of books published to hectares of top soil eroded, numbers of ciggarettes made to number of deaths due to smoking). Would one be able to say there is balance on Earth?
So many points can be made from these few values, and so many home truths exposed...but who will face them?
One can say how did they arrive t the figures? How did they (the ones who constructed the site) count the number of "deaths by smoking" for after all smoking does not cause death, but ailments due to smoking cause death..and so on. but as i mentioned earlier, it is bang-in-the-face homethruths, not necessarily true, but even if incorrect by 50%, indicative.

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