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Yesterday was Sunday.
Day before was saturday. As saturdays go, it went on till alte. NAd yesterday began failry early.
Afternoon ate a lovely lunch of Pomfret, Prawns and Liver fry. Yum!
Followed by the awesome movie 'Almost Famous'. Very nice movie, only that the CD was corrupt and couldnt see the last 10 mins or so.
Went with P of office, but it was a nice afternoon.
At last I have been absolved of the sin of not watching AF - the landmark Rock movie.

Evening, decided to watch another movie with D.
We shortlisted some. and finally decided upon Sin City.
Im Bowled over. Lovely movie.
Its comic strips in motion. Its drawing to life. Its black and white, with shades of red.
Yet it looks like a comic strip. Each frame of a comic has been shown in motion, while retaining its comic-ness.
The dialogue is exaggerated, and its pretentious. ANd thats what makes it so... interesting. There is voice over for the boxes, and its witty. by the end of the movie you are ROTFL and grimacing at the same time.
its a landmark movie, and Ive been spending the morning downloading trailers, posters, stills, enything!
Its stylish, gory, violent, exaggerated, and GOOOOOOD.

I thoroughly recommend it. Its all bad, and I guess thats what makes it good :)

Initially we tried to have the optimum output, so played it a number of times. result being I have the opening scene memorised! (Oh no! NOt again!)
You cna go to http://video.movies.go.com/sincity/ for the trailers, and IMDB for anythign else :)

And read this: http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2005/04/12/60II/main687601_page4.shtml

Ahh! Sin City.

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20th Mar, 2006 08:42 (UTC)
Lets watch it together (I'm sure u wont mind that)
The Laptop is there. We just need to get the CD
Dekh.... I give a lot of weightage to ur reviews :)

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