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Waking up early and other things

FOr the past few days, since the beginning of this week actually, I have been doing the proverbial 'early to bed and early to rise' thing, wuite on my own accord. Simply coz Im gettign tired at night and cant sleep beyond a certain time in the morning.
HOwever, today waking was a little difficult.
YEsterday I was up a full one hour befoer my alarm rang, and yet...I was almost late for the bus! I mean WTH!

Been a rather busy, if unproductive (of sorts)week in some respects, and productive in some.
Sunday was a post marriage dinner party of a colleague when his wife was in town and day before was a farewell party by two colleagues (which I bunked on grounds on unwellness - Yay!) and yesterday was the official farewell party to 3 colleagues (previous two included). Not to mention Salsa classes on Monday (which I bunked in facvor of sleep) and Tuesday (which I dragged myself thru).

Work has been relentless, and so have freinds, finding of course the moment I get to drop off the sleep the most convenient to call. Not that I can blame them, afterall Ive been sleeping too early for my own peace!

THe rest of the week (or whatevers left of it) doesnt seem to let up either, with a frnd coming up on the weekend from bombay...sorry. Its just a sunday. What weekend!

The silver lining behind all this is the salary that I should be getting tday (at last) after a month long wait. FOr last months' did not last long thanks to all the tax related investments!

But that still does nto seem to perk me up too much.

Today got into the office bus with a headache, but the guy beside me had to keep the window open...which I asked him to close, to which he was "why! shall I keep it open a little?" "ok" and he keeps it half open. Dusty warm wind.
THen he had to keep the curtain open so that the sun came directly in my eye. I asked him to draw it just a little
"he he you should get some vitamin D"
"its coming directly in my eye"
"but u dont get vit D, u are in office all day, and this is morning"
I looked to my right, straight into his eye and said
"the intensity of sunlight in ahmedabad ensures that even diffused light is enough to make the requisite amount of Vitamin D in my body. anything higher can be harmful, besides it coming right into my eye."
and leaned over and pulled the curtain.

he looked starteled and confused. felt good.
it was the same guy who had once told me in a sugary tone that i should not read books in the bus. it harms the eyes. this the day i had been in a nice mood, reading a good, engrossing book, and had finally struck up conversation with him, to the range of "hi" and "which deptt?"

DOnt they know that they shouldnt go out of their ways to do good to others? It doesnt help, especially if the other person is in a foul mood.

i dont see anything terribly productive happening today either. all i can do is wait for sunday and make the monday come as late as possible.

Have you ever notices how 'women' sites on the net focus on pregnancy? I mean there is more to womanhood than giving birth to a squealing mass of plasma about to add to the increasing and skewed population of the earth! SOmebody tell whoever concerned.

Reliance called. I shouted. so whats new.

It has been pointed out by 3 ppl and observed by the rest and not commented upon, that i have 3 natural bindis on my forehead...in a straight line. 3 ppl being me, P and khanna.
so, what can i do?! its a physical manifestation of my internal imbalance.

the population here seems to be stupid. the only thing they can understand is cricket, and party. the first comment on switching on the comp - so whats the score?1 i mean...@#@$@#$!!

okay...i should get off this...journal now...

Yesterday morning the comp was being checked for viruses and being updated,. took almost the hwole morning. at least i got the it guy to try and make my semagic and lyrc and gtalk to work. dint really help, but at least he tried. Oh yeah!gpt him to instal some useful office tools, considering i cant install anything in this f#$#ed up system.

I think ill go take an aspirin. and my third cup of coffee...if that helps?!
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