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Hmm Im in a pretty good mood today. After a long time. ALmost a week. I would say I deserve it ;)

But really, now I am absolutely in no-mans land, and no-womans too. I cannot differentiate between things happening yesterday over day before over week before.

The month was so slow in getting over, and yet it seems like ... no not a moment, but timeless since it began. I have totally lost track of this month beginning and end. It is at last 1st April. And still it feels like it was only yesterday it was March. THere is a discrepancy in what I feel. On one hand the month was just too fast. Work issues that seems to have been dealt with yesterday are actaully a month old, but otherwise, the month just didnt seem to end.

Today as i look at the calendar on my desktop, it is nice to see a new picture, and the fact is driven through my head that the month has indeed changed. Not that it makes too much difference in the general affair of things, but yes, amongst other things, looking at the positive side, the bank balance does look different :)

But this is just one part of a long battle, there is more to come and combat. Even as I write I know this month goes way beyond in getting busy. Lots of new things on the work front, including a second visit by my boss to India, precipitated by regulatory reasons, and I still await my appraisal.

The third summer in Ahmedabad makes it presence felt even as people I work with shiver in cold winds.

Things to do just keep accumulating, like the proverbial 'in' tray, which no matter how much you clean becomes full in no time. Perhaps it is good to let it overflow....at least it empties on its own accord!
Its been ages since I spoke to anyone on the phone, suddenly smsing has become something that I do, because I cannot or dont want to talk...because im either doing somethign, or have at last got a moment to myself.

Some people call and complain of not geting time to talk to me, while totally missing the vital point that I am not getting time to myself...somehing definitely more important.

I wish there were more than 24 hours in a day. And not for the first time, I wish i could teleport!

Rather a long post, one that started off jolly-ly and ended god-knows-where :)
But at least I can still take time out and mange my work, and end up writing long posts like these ;)

And now back to juggling and trying to do the least obnoxious assignement!
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