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Life, Weekends and the Rest

Weekends. The hype around that simple term and its occurance weekly makes it in itself so stressful.
Life becomes divided into weekends and weekdays, or rather boring, bad days. So, it becomes something like you have to live your life's worth within the weekend.Okay, perhaps your weeks worth of Life.
There become invisible objectives that have to be attained within those two days. You have to catch up on your social life.
You have to get your personal life in order. Clean up house, do the grocery shopping, etc.
Then there is the ultimate priority thing. You need to have Rest. It is important to 'recharge your batteries'.
However, its within these two days that you need to do all that you wanted. travel, visit places, people, eat out at lunch, have that massive breakfast youve been yearning for, watch a matinee show, go for happy hours at the pub near your house, and at the same time sleep late without worrying that youll have to get up early the next day and work.

Now is that absence of pressure? Not at all. Infact, this is more pressure than work pressure, because it is self inflected.

Now, this is your agenda for a 2 day weekend. Imagine when this two day weekend comes only once in two weeks.

Yes, the concept of 'Life' has been overhyped (as usual) by the media surrounding us, and also by us the working class. We always think we are missing out on something, and thats what weekends signify...the golden opportunity to catch up on what we havent lost at all.

This weekend, I had planned a get-away. I would leave on thursday night, and come back on monday morningv (taking a leave on friday). But with the past few weeks being as hectic as they were, I was low on energy. Then happened the worst kind of trouble that can happen. A decline in health. OK, so it was not that bad...just a toothache. Oops. Did I say "just" a toothache? Let me rephrase. I developed a ToothAche.
And dropped the plan. Regret it, but not too much i guess...?

So saturday was nice and I spent it in bed for half of the day, and then doing some pending work - like getting my life in order. Every once in a while it takes a trip of its own (Im talking of my life here). I have realised going through life on autopilot is not so simple. You need to take controls every once in a while and steer the ship, then reset the autopilot before you can sit back and let things go again.

Sort of like an unruly garden also. Every once in a while you have to weed it, and clean it up. Problem is, when it comes to such a state, the beautiful vines become long and tangle up amongst themsleves. So reaching the weeds becomes difficult. One is left struggling with the climbers and excess branches of trees. Even looking at the flowers and trees is more of a chore then...a necessity because there are so many of them, there is an overdose of beauty. and the senses cannot cope. Thats when one needs to say "hold it. This is not making sense." Thats when you say, "Ok, I will give up on the half ripe mango, and take the smaller but tastier strawberry" or something like that. Choose your own fruit.

So thats what happened on Saturday for me. Actually, it started on Friday. Friday I reached the depths of gloominess, or the heights of unoganizedness. Take your pick.
Thats when I cancelled the trip. On the balance was this amazing trip, which though fun (promised) and will give me somethings i have been waiting for, would really tire me out, not only for a day or two, but also for the coming 6 day week and next. Face it. You really cannot rest on a weekday. there is just too much 'office' happning there. I mean the extra rest bit. The one you need over and above the night sleep.

The results showed. It did help that the toothache subsided (Touchwood!).
After incessant and hectic weeks...months now, it was a day that help in recuperating.
Then I got a haircut. After quite some time. Enjoyed the scolding I got from the hairdresser, because I was in that mood.

[Aside: After the tooth improved, I actually ate yesterday. I mean ate. Eating is not stomach dependant I realise. It is mouth dependant. Specifically, tooth dep.]

Then surprise surprise, It was Sunday. And my newly discovered relatives (Ok im surprised of this fact and keep repeating it) called me over for dinner. So I was up since 830am! (because thats when they called me to invite me over for dinner) Yeah. You read right. 8.30AM.
Morning started early, so I cleaned up house.And went and saw a movie in a theater after ages . "Walk the Line", life of Johnny cash...nice enough.
Then evening went all the way to Gandhinagar. Met up the relatives, who are actually pretty nice...with two kids, one a tweenage son and a young daughter. The guy (relation) had his own band in college, and they both have an awesome Sony music system which plays anything..cassete, records, CD, DVD,...and NOT repeat NOT connected to a TV :) A very cute Boxer dog, and Santana and Dire straits in background combined with good home made bong food was good. Peaceful surroundings, and a drop back home in a typical windy Army (oops Airforce..yeah this relation is in the Airforce) Jonga was nice.

And then, it is Monday.
There are still things I need to tie up internally, but yes, the virus in autopilot is corrected, now I am steering the ship and it will reuire some concentration, but soon it will be Autopilot again. Yes, the garden vines have been tamed, but the weeds need plucking, and that will happen soon. A little more time, to be really me.
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