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Wisdom Tooth

So now that I have 2 wisdom teeth making their presence felt in my mouth, I wonder whether the result will be wisdom sapping out of my mind, or will it be wisdom leaking into my mouth from my brain?

Does that mean I will be able to do MORE BC more lucidly now? Or does that mean my gift of gab will be 'wiser' and hence lesser?
Does that mean Sarcasm will lose Dips? OR does that mean that Dips just wont be able to formulate Sarcasm!

Or does it simply mean that all that wisdom I gained over my 24 years will now go into cold storage (figuratively) and become tooth-hard!

After a quarter century (almost) of life I restart my way of thinking?!

Ok OK, wild thoughts, just wondering! ;)

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12th Apr, 2006 07:13 (UTC)
Too much wisdom is already showing jm
its leaked from the teeth to the brain and to the muscles etc which control your fingers as u type :)

And I am glad u added the "almost" to the quarter century :D
I have a feeling u thought of me then

12th Apr, 2006 15:54 (UTC)
Oozing wisdom
Gosh M'Lady !! You seem to be oozing wisdom, eh?? I mean, two at the same time !! Are they on the same side of the mouth or different sides? That was a queer question, I know. I was merely trying to ascertain which side of your cerebral hemisphere has grown into your mouth cavity .... and whether there is a balance or a lopsided growth. OK...OK... so I am writing crap !!!!
13th Apr, 2006 03:45 (UTC)
Re: Oozing wisdom
Haha...well, both my cerebra seem to be developing at the same rate, considering its one on both side...and that too the top ones.
13th Apr, 2006 09:32 (UTC)
He he...i somehow guessed later that ull like that bit!

Point is, M, I AM getting my wisdom teeth before quarter century...more than I can say for so many ppl i know.

And yeah...thanks for the compliment ;)
13th Apr, 2006 07:00 (UTC)
You're getting long in the tooth..
So your posts will be more incisive from now on I guess!
13th Apr, 2006 09:31 (UTC)
Re: You're getting long in the tooth..
As if they were not incisive enough, they will now get mollasive! (thats the higher degree of incisive)
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