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Was on some web page and came across this link
Rather interesting.
Some days ago I had also landed on pages like health awareness through girlfriends, building interest in maths and tech in girls around the age of 9 etc.
Through ads. Ads which have some meaningful content...for once. [I am not a person who gets interested by banner ads on a page...as a rul. Find them rather offensive when they are not blocked]
For example, did you know that most girls start losing interest in maths and tech at around the age of 9, because of many reasons, mostly social? (may be particularly true for US, but hey! same can be true anywhere)
Do you realise that building cancer awareness and other health awareness (maintaining healthy nutrition, possible minimum excercises etc - very basic level for general well being and avoiding lifestyle diseases) as information to be assed to your girlfreind has a better success rate than just pages of info?

Innovative and well, interesting, to note someone cares. THe government or the social organization.

Then this site that I listed. Interesting. They have listed and prioritised ONE thing they want to fund, and where. And they are doing it. And, it makes a lot of sense . It must be saving so many small startups in so many countries!

getting the funds to begin a venture to help society can be difficult. THis is one place, where they are open about the amount of help they provide, to whom and how much. I like the openness and directness on the site. No hanky panky, no big words or promises.
More such places, and more visibility, one can find the required help for aything they want to do...more easily than now.

Rading these makes me realise I really want to one of these things one day...you know, set up an organization to help people - I dont know it might be women, but thats because the 'belonging' is easy to develop there. It can be soemthign else also.

[It may not be big...because I always feel the bigger these things get, the more they lose focus. The more they lose touch with the ground realities for which they started. A large number of small groups can be more helpful in such cases than one big group trying to cater to a scattered mass.]

It may be just a small group of people I know, dont know, want to know, dont want to know. but basically people who will do the same work, and contribute for it.

There have been times when on my way to previous office I have seen the regular beggar kids and thought of getting them school books...basic ones u see. But, its a responsibility that cant be taken without dedication. Mine, and also, theirs. I cannot commit every evening (or some evenings) to teaching, without also managing to make them maintain their interest.

I think it will be nice to do that, and I think one day, when I am sure of myself and the difference that can be made, I will.

PS- Id rather be doing somethign myself rather than donate. I cannot bring myself to donate somehow.
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