DippyBlogs (dippyblogs) wrote,

water that passed under the bridge

So what did actually happen in those few days? feel sorry about the few ideas that i did have, and in fact started writing on ( maybe il post something on it - how i filed my tax. remind me.)but then forgot in the course of time, and days...and naturally once you leave something, its very rarely that u'l pick it up.
so it was. then suddenly one day Richard (Errol Jude) Anderson calls up and confirms "Dips u coming to my wedding right?" now here i was and in no mood to venture out of ahmedabad. did i write about my Jaipur visit? lotsa backlog! and about the week after that? whoa! backlogs!!! So there i was in n mood to venture out of ahmedabad, but since tickets were already taken, i though what the hell! the guy called and asked me to attend the wedding, and it wont be too bad. when he asks...how is sash coming? and i said hes not. well end of matter i think. nxt day get a sos call from sash (sashdude) where he has been browbeaten to attend the wedding and was short of tickets. well here i was sitting in front of a comp and a travel agent on the other side of the phone. so, i did the good deed of the year, and booked him tickets! i must have seen more reservation charts that day than ever before!
so u know that i was then slated to go for this wedding in delhi, to be more precise, noida, whhile sash would arrive there from hyderabad. and why did it suit us? well, becos it so happened that friday was dussera and this saturday was the 4th one. for once a 3-day weekend.
that also brings me to the point that it was navratri and i did go to garbas, but dint dance on 2 occassions becos dint like the crowd and on the third one was not allowed since id not made an effort to wear "ethnic clothes" read ghagra (oops!) chaniya choli. on the 4th day went to Durga puja pandals and even tried my had at garba, where passes were too expensive to bother to buy...and Too Too crowded!
had bought a new dress for pujas, but it was a size large, so went to exchange and could not like anything, so got a party wear which i could wear for a morning wedding of richard.
then it was thursday. D-Day

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