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Grossed out!

I was unwittingly caught in a bathroom conversation...literally by two girls. One of the girls caught hold of my hand and made me listen....on reproduction and copulation procedure of some animals.

It all started with a pigeon visible through a glazed window feeding its chicks. One of the girls (A) thought it was 'the process'.

Therafter the other (B) elaborated (holding my hand to prevent my escape) on how she saw two (EWW) Lizards do the act from the other side of a window pane. And then A joined in explaining what she had once seen....dorsal view.

Not enough they started off on egg laying of lizards.

By this time im trying to cover my ears. I mean ughhhhh LIZARDS??!!!

Then B starts off on a discovery programme where they talk of human babies being born shown graphically...and how painful it looked.


I tell them adopt dogs/ cats. and run away.

If this is a sample of what conversation some women hae in the loos...Lord, keep me away from the restrooms when they are there, I will rest some other time!

*Still Shuddering* You have to hear and see the animation and interest to understand it. and again...LIZARDS???!!!

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