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Wierd Weather & My Weekend

What happened to the weather?
I went to sleep last night after 1, and the weather was fine.Usual. Lovely almost-full moon, dark clouds intersperced by patches of clear sky... cool-ish wind. Normal. My window, verandah door were open. Fan on full speed.

And then I wake up in the morning. I look out and it looks like a fog. Fog!? In Ahmedabad? At this time of the year?! It does not sink in properly. I get off the bed, and the floor is covered by a thick film of dust. I wonder how come, considering the maid had cleaned the room, and then think at least she will come today ebvening to clean up the mess...must be because i left window open in afternoon yesterday?
I tie my hair, and it feels gritty.
Slowly things start sinking in. I look out, and realise its no fog, but Dust Hanging in the Air .
Simply suspended. The whole world is hazy with DUST. And no explanation forthcoming as of now.

Not yet any reports of a dust storm here. Corridoors of office are hazy...cant see more than a few mtrs in front clearly. Wierd weather phenomenon.
Trust Ahmedabad. Nothing like this happened to me in desert weather of Rajasthan.

Well, so saturday was the Bong New year. Shubho Nobo Borsho! or else, in details Poila Boishakher priti O shubhechha janai
[Meaning "Happy New Year", or, "my love and best wishes for the First date of the year"]

What did I do over the "weekend"? Heres a detailed account. now Im warning you, itll be LONG.

It got late at office. There was farewell of a colleague. From HO. rather, frnd i should say.
Rushed and went. No matter how hard I tried to leave early, was unable to. Finally made it to the venue late, after buying a gift with DK on behalf of the rest of the gang.
Had a great time. Laughed like I havent for ages. We had stiches in our stomach. ROTFL cannot even come close to defining it. Started ordering etc at 930 pm and were sitting there till after midnight!
The day had begun day after a 4 hour sleep. Was tired.
Had tried ordering the famous samosas from nnear my house for office ppl - on public request. Those ppl dont make them till after 10 in the morning. Out of the question. Not even on special request will they make them by 8am.
Very unique samosas...and the chutney made of peas and dal is thick and very tasty. the samosas themselves are bite sized and are of 3 varieties - potato, dal and peas.
Anyway, bad luck to colleagues.

So in the morning I reach office without the promised samosas. DAy went fine enough, with phone calls for new yr greetings in the morning.
Lotsa work. Meeting in evening. At last finished stuff in HO. Sent a long awaited courier, and got news that the new disc that was being launchwd has been postponed.
Made plan for Bong Dinner. THere was a bong new yr special dinner at Pride, a new 5star hotel here. Went with P. Was amazing. ate so much. and bong food. That too in Ahmedbad. I knew the chef there, and it was great. We ate for around more than an hour. Concentrated eating. The buffet was well worth it at INR420 per head, including taxes. Menu was all you can think of right from radhabollobi-alur dom, macher paturi, mochar ghonto, posto boda, bati chorchori, shukto, murir ghonto, chingri macher malai kari, kosha mangsho, chanar dlana, and i think 4-5 things more, apart from salads. Sweets started with lengcha, peethey, patishapta, payesh, mishti doi, roshogolla...and 2 things more. Accompanied by aam panna.
Couldnt get up after that...till the live band decided to strike up in Himesh Reshmiya songs! (Why?!)
P had never had a hookah. So we went to Mocha after that. Had soemthignt o drink...to settle all that food.
Not enough, P was adamant we go for a drive. Went to the highway, full speed!
Came home, decided to watch a movie, and went to frnds place.
Eventually, Drove a Yezdi.
A Yezdi. Awesome. Couldnt start it, but thereafter I managed the gears and all pretty well. Whatta-bike! Cant beat the bullet (Enfield) though, but still. I mean, it comes second only to that. Out of production nowadays, its a pure bike, not a part hollow, heavy, beautiful machine. Gleaming metal. Pure metal.
Wow. Ill soon learn to start it also :)

Haaa! Slept late. At last. Woke up leaisurely. No phone calls. sat and looked out of the windeow at the sky. Rather, at the cumulo-nimbus cloud tops. For more than 30 minutes.
Shifted focus nearer, and looked as the pigeon preened itself. Another half hour.
Amazing to do just that. Stare. Not a thought in my head...nothing of relevance either way. Cool.

Went for lunch at 3, and then tried to go shopping. Dint like anything, so went to try rock climbing only to find it closed. So did Go-carting. Good enough fun.
Called mid-way by frnd in town (news!) and joined him for dinner. was too tired actually ot go enthusiastically, but the dinner went off well enough.
BAck home, spent time with M for a while, finally.

Awesoem saturday evening, calm sunday finally becoming rather tiring, and confusing monday morning (weather).

But you know the best part of today? Boss is in another location. :) Mondays should be like this.

still got lots of work...but, we can hope for the best cant we? Besides, some 'bad' mails have unexpectedly turned out not so bad :) Lets wait till the evening telecon ebfore counting chickens I think!

Finished Sunset at Blandings - the last and unfinished P G Wodehouse. INteresting notes. Gives an idea of how he worked, and how serious the writing of funny books was to him. Intro by Douglas Adams. And his appreciation of PGW has appreciated him in my eyes. somehow I think of him as the guy with lots of time and wild imagination who got lucky to publish his books. His book is penning down of the conversation we have. well.
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