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12th May, 2006

Its been a while.
Meanwhile, well, lots happened. Where do I begin?
I really dont know where I left off, so I think Ill pass it for now.

Meanwhile, its friday and I see some light at the end of the tunnel. The telecon of evening stands postponed. And perhaps I might meet Pig...at the airport before he leaves town after a series of meetings.

So its blisteringly hot here...and the office A/C just about makes temperature what can be called by a large strech of genial imagination "milder than outside". Outside temperatures range between 43.5 and 44 dergree celcius, and my airy glassy, windowy, billowy research center central air conditioning system can baerly maintain a 35 degrees! BAH!

So the week began with intense tothache...rather 'jaw stiffness' as my dentist told me. Antibiotics and painkillers made me survive over 2 days, then the pain subsided. Antibiotics still on. Darn Wisdom teeth.
TO add to the misery, caught a cold and sneezing is not the best things to happen when your tooth is aching. Add stiff necks to that...and heat at night. Cooler doesnt work., ITs not dry enough.

people in research center talk so much! i mean yak. yakity yak. one topic

Ill update more later!! goto rush.

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15th May, 2006 14:12 (UTC)
So much complaining??
Gosh... ur making it sound as if ur life is a livin' hell!! Wassup dearie? Why are u so flustered?
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