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Update time!

Saturday, Last week. i.e.20th May 2006.

Morning. Though sleepy, get up on time. Get ready...today is casual day...on time and leave house at the correct time after a cup of coffee. Road outside house covered with water, except for a patch on the right side. Take that path. Cyclist from the other end coming, heading for same point. He wobbles for a moment and reads out "73" from my Tee. I cant let it pass and blast him.
Hungry, but didnt have time to eat. Get an auto in some time, and make it to bus stop thinking I will be on time, if not a little early - only to find it empty. The scooter of a co-passenger rests, but not her. A small boy opening one shop. 'Have the didis standing here left in he bus?' 'Yes' he answers, wide eyed. Darn!
Call P. 'Hey! where are you?' I can hear some music in background. The radio of the bus. "You are in the bus?' "Hi! shall I ask bus to stop? Its just passed Vadaj" 'No. no...its too far now.' Start walking back home.
Call NJ. He does not answer. Continue walking. Get a call back. 'Hi. You will be going to office today?' 'uhh...Actually D, Im in office already. I came early today, for once.' oops
RS (boss) is on leave. Who next?
Pr must have gone with NJ.
Who now. my semi-boss - HP.
No answer.
At last an answer. 'Hello Sir. Are you going to office today? Yes? Could you pick me up? Where? Oh I stay at xyz.....'
'Ill be passing by at 9. that convinient?'

Walk home, not yet 9. But not enough time to grab a bite. 'Im there in less than 5 mins!"
Go out, hes waiting. Spend a nice time in comfy car, talking about his college yrs.

The rest of the day was Ok enough. Went out at night...first for a quick dinner out with P, then to the new disc in town. MB was supposed to join us, but she was suffering from jet lag and in the end decided not to. So, disc it was with a 'celebrity' - Raima Sen or Riya Sen...one of them. GOt home by 4, and slept by 5...only to be woken up be daddy at 9am on phone!
Slept a lil in the afternoon, but then that made night late again.

Monday to tuesday was as can be expected after such a weekend. Tired throught he week, but strangely exhilerating work. Fell asleep on way back home, but monday and tuesday were dance days, and wednesday was telecon day. and Before you know it, it was Thursday!

Whats with Thursday? well, my uncle came to town. So i went andmet him, then took him out, after which went and ate an enormous dinner. replete with Aam ras (yum)...though it did not match the Chinese cuisine of prawns and pomfret.
stayed over at the hotel with him, since it overlooks my morning bus stop.
Ate a Humungous breakfast today...and went to the bus stop. Now in office and looking forward to tomorrow morning when I should ideally be lazing in bed at this very point of time, and turning my red eyes into their normal white colour.

Sunday I should be making my way to the Da Vinci Code - released at last! but before that - today is dinner with frnd (oops! i think ill skip lunch) and tomorrow i thinki ill go check on that frnd who had an accident some time ago.

Plans plans plans.

That was a week in extremely short words.

The bright part. At last yesterday my appraisal meeting was held. The boss dint have many comments to make apart from mentioning 'you have improved more on x since you shifted here'. great.
I have been chosen Mentor again this year for the poor Management trainees. At least I shall not be going to the water park expedition with them! Remember last time? This time it is ony one meeting at a nice conference room. :)

Soon I think I will be shifting to a bigger flat in the same building. The landlord wants to give it to me and not a new person cuz its been newly painted and stuff...at the same rate. Well, as long as they get my stuff moved, I have no issues! :)

Well, thought Ill finally update this space a little...and get back to updating at a more frequent interval! So here it was.
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