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I realised recently. Specifically a day ago, as I sat down to play a game of chess, taht as a kid, a rarely ever played board games.
Yes, in parties, or with a gang of other kids. but not on a regular basis.
at least, my board games used to be different.
not those which involve two people, more like the ones palyed by single palyer or a group...types i can play by myself or with all my frnds.
Not that i didnt have 2 player games...its just soemthing that i didnt play.
scrabble and boggle were against my mom, and that too rare. ludo and snakes and ladders would mean a group, so ok. business was a favorite, with cousins or freinds. lego and related games were favorties.

Such a clear indication. Something that made me realise that yeah, i am an only child.
How your tastes get defined by your environment.
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