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Music, Smoking etc.

There was classical music.
Then there were Ghazals and local music (include Ravindra Sangeet, sufi, and other tribal/traditional music here). Basically music older than 18th century.
Then there was movie music...or shall I jsut call it pop.

Elsewhere in the world they had classical music.
Then they had innumerable types of music. There was jazz, blues, rock, rap, hip-hop, house, disco, etc. etc.
for lack of new types they came up with "World Music"

Is it that we Indians incorporate types of music into our "movie" music? Or is it that we are simply elighted with our present restricted varieties and are ready to continue this way ad infinitum.

Rock is trying to move into mainstream or should i say sidestream music now, but really fighting for breath...especially when in most cases it gets mixed with pop... into an unrecognisable blend.

I mean, Punjabi music really cannot be called an innovation of sorts. After 3 songs, they all sound the same. And I cannot be blamed for not having the requisite "taste". Id rather not have it!

Why then should not the Indian youth for sake of better variety if not anything else move on to listening to music from other countries? Arabic if not English.

And then, they get classified. I prefer rock. So, I listen to the relevant singers. Hey! you cannot expect me to sit and listen to Mukesh all day long...ill die. I like Kishore kumar. But a day of it?! However, since I listen to rock, which happens to be english, I run the chance of getting classified. For the general junta does not get it. FOr them, like Hindi movie music, all English music is just that. A Jethro Tull is as good as Britney Spears to them. Ok I cannot blame them. For me Polish is as good as Romanian.
The point is, why this lack of innovation on the music front in India?

There is constant recycling. Old sufi songs in new avatars, tempered down versions of beautiful Ghazals, lilting folk songs into jarring modern reneditions, and last but definitely not to be missed are the plagiarisms. So innumerable, Id rather not mentioend them...or get into that topic here yet.

Even the TV serials we watch nowadays lack innovation. They are all Indian-ized versions of international shows. Starting with an Indian Dallas to the present day Kkusums and whatnots.

Today is World No Tobacco Day. I celebrated it by accompanying P for his 4th cig. of the day...or rather, the 4th and 5th. Thanks to my slow tea drinking, he smoked two, in the sweltering humid heat of the afternoon.
They talk of death by tobacco. OK. But then, tobacco is something that has been associated with Homo Sapiens since chronicled history. Man has always sought an addiction of some sort by some source. Alcohol, smoking or even coffee are things that as far as I can see, even animals are attracted to. Smoking may be harmful for health. But i really do not see a chance of eradication of the same.

Human nature wants an addiction of sorts. They will find something. This is not AIDS we are talking about here, this is personal choice. Increase awareness on effect on others. Inovate somethign which can store the effluent smoke which then has to be released into a cleaning chamber of sorts. But erally. Making a smoking room which just emits the smoke into the atmosphere is of really no help whatsoever in the long term - which they talk about.

The crank caller continues. I lost my temper yesterday, and wait for her call today. She swore and screamed day before, leaving me stunned, and without a chance to speak. I think Ill file an FIR for starts, and continue trying to track her. She sounded really angry and hurt. Wonder who she is. I would never want to hurt anybody in any way. And i relaly dont see a non-intentional scenario causing so much hurt!
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