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6th Jun, 2006

The Song "Neele Neele Ambar par" has a nice zingy tune, and guitaring. Of course Kishore has sung well too...but :) it could have gone a little easy on the lyrics. With so many paragraphs on the same concept, umm... :)
and...isnt there something flamenco types in it?

Also like the opening guitaring in 'Chehra hai ya chaand khila hai'

Today is at last 06.06.06. Okay, so..? well,nothing much, except that today im actaully determined to finish this ghastly and due project, and pretty much on track. WHats the correlation? Nothing I say :)

Well, what about 666? There! the way I wrote it should tell ya!
Today should be the day i re-see "The Omen". Now thats one movie that had scared me. Been ages (and i mean AGES...years) since I saw it.

Looking sort-of forward to the new one.

Nice day here, the sun is nicely and effectively hidden behind thick clouds...and though there is a slight humidity (okay, 70%) you dont really feel it.

Met the new batch of Mangement trainees yesterday, a schedule which effectively ruined my day. But well, whatever. 40 of them, and im one of the 'mentors' again...or as they say here "buddy" **rolls eyes**

The people in Head office got their appraisal letters yesterday, I await the research center's time. Wont be sometime soon I think, judging by when my appraisal got done...a week or so ago?

Okay, so now im writing rubbish. Guess Id better get back to work..and the complicated Excel sheet. Sometimes when I look back at the work Ive done, I think "OMG, I thought all that?!" where did my brains go after that? ;)

okay okay, Ill shut up now :)


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6th Jun, 2006 11:13 (UTC)
Neele Neele... happens to be one of my all time favourites!

And I too look back at the work Ive done, & think "OMG, I thought all that?!"
6th Jun, 2006 12:06 (UTC)
should have
been your birthday today, you devil in di(p)sguise! :)
7th Jun, 2006 06:58 (UTC)
have u read this?
A woman born weighing 6lbs 6oz on 6 June at 0600 BST, and who is 66 on 6/6/06, is refusing to drive on her birthday to help avoid accidents. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/southern_counties/5048322.stm
i mean what are the chances?
7th Jun, 2006 07:22 (UTC)
Re: have u read this?
Quite a few, considering the population of the earth is 6.6billion
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