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Spending so much time in office, office is more of a home, though we still refuse to call it one. Just like school and college were. Though I think the defense for college was the least amongst all three.
But seriously, the place we call home is more like the place where we go to rest...once in a while. THe place where we spend almost all our lives is a totally different place, where, if you look at it, you are paid to be present.
Okay so it isnt as rosy as all that, but then it is true.
It is the place where you get (generalising here) a computer of your own, pleasant climate, peace, company/frnds, subsidised food, coffee/tea, and pay.
So that you can go and spend that money outside on expensive food, different set of freinds/ company, machines to make pleasant weather, and another computer...for the few select hours that you get.
Discounting weekends.
In fact a long holiday can in a way be more tiring than weeks of office. We are so used to the office environment that we can switch off there, and mentallty relax once in a while. Though holidays are invigorating and interesting, it has to be admitted that once you have lived your life/ waking hours of your life in an institution like school, college or office, it is only there that you can actually get back into routine, and relax.

For relaxing is basically about not thinking, to put it losely in one perspective. In office, one gets into autopilot, unless you want to count the unusual work that comes your way. And after holidaying and thinking every move, and deciding where and when the next meal is (amongst other things), it is relaxing in a way to get back to autopilot. For all said and done, holiday is a time you have to make your own decisions.

the very thing we hate about office - the fact that decisions are not ours to make, is exactly what can help us relax.
In fact, perhaps the only reason we dont look forward to work and office is that it is not our choice...in the narrower perspective.

[Note to self: Wish I could actually convince myself of this when Im bugged with work ;)]

Human mind is condradictory - on one hand it wants all the possible freedom, yet cannot manage the same.

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7th Jun, 2006 11:10 (UTC)
One point is also about are systems not adapting to change instantly.
Hence subconscously, the auto pilot mode is more relaxing than going on a long vacation.

And maybe thats y i feel that spending the coming weekend with my family will leave me tired for the next week.
7th Jun, 2006 11:27 (UTC)
erm...could you sign off?
8th Jun, 2006 12:19 (UTC)
JM...it was ME!!
I do write sense at times.
8th Jun, 2006 12:28 (UTC)
Re: #@%$#^%$
haan haan finally got it :) at least give an indication its u writing sense ;)

and is bat pe subject line pe galiyan?
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