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My Predicament

Its been an interesting enough week. Last weekend went in shifting house, and then Monday Tuesday as I settled down...barely managed to watch the 12.30am FIFA matches (i.e. 2130 matches of Germany).

Did I mention i bought a TV to watch the matches? Guess I will get into the habit of watching TV...if I ever get the time. I mean, I barely manage to get time and watch soccer, and eitherway I get put off by TV. cant watch it. Just switch off if it switches on.

ANyway, so settled in, and then on Wednesday, my Mom's freind (of yesteryears) was supposed to come. HEr daughter is joining NID. And she needs a place to stay, and my mom of course(!) offered my house!! And if that wasnt enuogh, this girl (who I discovered is 24! I mean...at the moment I am 24!) needs to have a local guardian in college... guess who? Yeah! Im a local guardian of a girl almost my age now! :) Guess intersting things just keep happening to me eh ;) Kya bolti hai, M?

So their flight arrived late on Wednesday, giving me time to sort of fix up the room they would stay in..coz they dint drop in on wed. Met them on Thursday.
went to a bike launch/ Silk Route concert on tuesday...or was it wednesday?

Missed the Germany goal in the Germany-Poland match on wednesday night :( Slept off at the 80-odd minute..the goal was in the 91st!!
Was out with my guests on Thursday, missed the spectacular England goals :( and was so Uber-tired yesterday that dint even make an effort to view the Argentina-Serbia&Montenegro match (6-0!!!!)

Bah! Fine World cup viewing its turning out to be :( Well, theres hope yet. Though not much hope for the week of 26th - boss will be here, and i cant guarantee my energy levels. ah well...

Yesterday was awesomely tiring. Morning started early with video-conference with Japan, which lasted 5 hours, followed by meeting in India, and completed with a late evening 1.5 hrs meeting with USA. came home at 10 after grabbing a refreshing cup of coffee at Barista, to meet my guests. And today is working!
Sigh. At least tomorrow is a holiday...dance class int he evening though, and morning aunty and daughter might pack to leave.
Then the week is working......at least its a 5 day week...or is it?

Then I get an sms from a frnd in the morning...his bday today, and he is holding the party in one of the new local discos. Sigh. Thanks to Aunty and daughter cant go :( Cannot actually leave at (almost) midninght and get back at 4am with such people at home... Anyway, would have been too tired too dance also.

However, thankfully for some reason, am in an energetically decent mood today. Lets hope the work finishes while Im still up and around! ;)


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