DippyBlogs (dippyblogs) wrote,

The Month to wait for

A blissfull Month. Why? Everyday there are awe-inspiring performances by 22 men. Not one batch of them, but 3 batches.
What am I talking of? Football of course! Or, as some people prefer to call it because of corruption of the word football, Soccer.
[Note to self: I mean Football is exactly that - a game where the foot meets the ball. No pun intended]

Lovely game. Short enough to sustain interest and energy levels, this game ensures that the players are in their prime. And I dont just mean physically. Of course, physically they have to run, bend, jump, summersault, twist, control their bodies when suddenly changing direction to fool opponent...and do everything possible one can with every limb. However, it requires honing of instinct, of intelligence. Knowing when to take a chance, and when to turn away. Intelligence, and, literally thinking on your feet.

There are tactics and strategies, but when the game is on, the field is yours and anything can change. And the change rests on the man with whom the football rests.

It is a pleasure to watch the skilfull juggling of the ball and fooling of the opponent while passing it on to a waiting team member.

It is one of the epitomes of a team game. The final victory is not the claim to fame of one person. The goal is not because of on person shooting it. The credit also goes to those who passed it to him at the right moment.

Nations cry, rebel and celebrate with the movements of their 11 men.

A game where even when you see two teams fighting it out rough (rare in really good teams) and yet patting the other or ruffling the others hair and apologising for a misguided injury/trip. It warms ones heart (to get soppy).

One cant remain impassive while watching football. You cheer, you shout, you remain rooted to the seat for both 45 minute rounds.

Ahh...football :) What better time to watch it than the FIFA World Cup. It is rare enough to be important. Every team puts in their best for this one match. Every player primes here. Every match is a match worth seeing. For it is glory enough to qualify to be part of the match...what more can be said about the quarter and semi-finalists...Of course, the FINALISTS are a league of their own.
Tags: daily, emotional, interest, memory, wonder

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