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Power of Imagination

Can I sit here and look at that beautiful photograph, and imagine myself there, on that hill, climbing?
Can I imagnie the solid lava beneath my feet?
That sunrise on my right
The cool wind
The clear reflection on the water
Showing me up like a black silouhette

Can I take a vacation sitting right here looking at a photograph.

Is it possible for me to walk on that bridge
and look down on the Opera House in Sydney
from that photograph on that calendar
Be a part of the twinkling lights and impersonal traffic.

To imagine the tarmac beneath my feet
and the cool railing under my palms
while I hold the computer mouse.

how far can my mind fly
can i simulate the sights and smells

Oh to take a vacation sitting right here
On my desk.
Tags: daily, interst, living, wonder

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