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Everyone seems busy...Do I too?

I am not in the mood for work. and this is nothing new, as you must have guessed by now. Actually, point is, im not not in the mood for work. Id love to do some hard core brain cracking analysis. something that will make me think, and innovate...but all i have on my (longish) list are some qualitative things to do. and follow ups for a colleague on leave. Certainly not in the mood to do that. I dont even have my phone so I can call and bug different people like sashdude and rexzilla and other poor souls. For THEY would be busy...and I would not be. I can message them till they cease to reply, then call them till they ache to put the phone down.
My colleagues here say I look busy, looking at my screen and typing away. I dont know whether to believe them, for most of the floor can look into my screen and there are windows with too many ads on them to make them look remotely like "work" windows. Then again, i usually have a tell tale smile while looking at funny stuff, and i guess that should be a dead give away. Johari window at work?
well whatever it is, here i am in office not willing to do unsavoury tasks (will do them at the last moment when they HAVE to be done and cant be postponed any more i guess) surrounded by few ppl (rest are on Diwali leave) definitely working ( I can hear them talk to clients on phone) and rushing around with too much work.
Ah! The Imbalances of Life! I guess I am here at the workplace to make the total work pressure here equal!

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