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Achievement Poem

I dont usually write poems, the ones that end up something like them are usually unrhyming.

However, there was a request today. A freind wanted a poem for his little sister..all of 10 yrs, and somehow, the following could be written by me.
Am rather proud of myself :) It may be crude and amateurish, but it serves the purpose for a little girl from her big brother I guess.
My first ever attemp..and that too for someone else's sister!

Here it is for my documentation. Hope shes happy with it
This Person I know

There’s this little person I know
Who plays the violin better than any piano
Like an Angel is her face
That brightens every moment of my days

Persistent is she to get her own way
Makes me follow her every bidding

But she is sweet
Sweeter than anybody
Strawberries and cream
Pastries and yes, even honey

A little person I may call her
But a big place in my heart do I keep
‘Brother Number One’ she may call me
But no sister like her shall ever be!

Tags: living, memory, wonder

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