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People are crazy and times are strange

How natural it is for some people to accept the ways of society. To marry when it is considered 'normal' to. TO have kids ..all within a certain 'acceptable' time limit.
There are people (men and women. Infact more men than women) who look forward to getting married, and some other, who dont think about it at all. Its natural for them to get married when their parents talk about it, and have kids within a year or so of the same.
And then there are some people like me, who get nightmares at the thought. Am I a part of that smaller group?

I think in more people who are in the same situation as me - earning, living in a different city, enjoying life, and who enjoy independance, marriage will have the same effect, in most cases. Basically, I am not rare, just not the same as those who dont mind gettin married and having children a little earlier in life, with a person they perhaps barely know.

Well,they may find me wierd by their standards. So its even ... kinda... i guess.


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3rd Jul, 2006 12:43 (UTC)
What attracted my attention was the subject line :)

I think that we have a 50-50 split...there are those who think like "us" and then those who dont think like us.
But many of them succumb to the wishes of their parents mainly because of emotional pressure, even though they may think like "us".
4th Jul, 2006 03:55 (UTC)
hmm agree about the emotional pressure thing. coupled with nosy relatives.
3rd Jul, 2006 18:49 (UTC)
you be married within the year and may you be the mother of ten daughters!!!! :D, i am kidding. Most people are scared of marriage, some like me are terminally averse to it, not only coz of the loss of independance but the thought of being stuck with one person through out a life, more so if it is someone i barely know. Don't fret you are in the right minority..
4th Jul, 2006 03:53 (UTC)
Re: may
GAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! I can kill you for that.
and perhaps we are not a minority afterall
4th Jul, 2006 03:54 (UTC)
Amen to that..
I'd say who you get married to counts a lot-then again we're talkin abt the great Indian Arranged Marriage(tm).
What creeps me out even more is when elders put on that know it all look and go 'yeah, yeah we've all been there but one fine day the clock will catch up and you will wish for a spouse/kids' or something along those lines.

I somehow don't ever see myself envying such people-the kind who end up with kids, oh but that obviously means the end of your sex life for that's what it is for, right..
Then the rat race of school admissions, watching your kids turn into loutish teens (sounds familiar?) with a generation gap like the Grand Canyon, worrying about THEIR education and marriage and finally winding up with the rest of your life.

Singledom n freedom forever!!
4th Jul, 2006 04:01 (UTC)
Re: Amen to that..
well, all that gives me the heebie jeebies too!
but yeah Arranged MArriage is not ratre to India. Japanese till date have it. and I know for a fact people who (just like in India) had to run away and get married. and believd you me...people there dont forgive easy.

But AM works well for many. and so do kids. Just that....im not part of that 'many'. not as of now.

Was thinking the other day, during a related conversation, how does one tell a stranger - i drink, smoke and generally like to act rowdy every evening - on a first meeting. perhaps the people who dont do all the above do arranged marriages! oh yeah...in the Indian context, add "like to listen to rock music and dont like Kishore Kumar" too.
4th Jul, 2006 04:06 (UTC)
Re: Amen to that..
See....there's no guarantee an AM will work..same way as there's no guarantee going with someone of your choice will.
I'd anyday prefer the latter- so that way if things dont' work out I only have myself to blame and hold responsible for getting into it.
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