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People are crazy and times are strange

How natural it is for some people to accept the ways of society. To marry when it is considered 'normal' to. TO have kids ..all within a certain 'acceptable' time limit.
There are people (men and women. Infact more men than women) who look forward to getting married, and some other, who dont think about it at all. Its natural for them to get married when their parents talk about it, and have kids within a year or so of the same.
And then there are some people like me, who get nightmares at the thought. Am I a part of that smaller group?

I think in more people who are in the same situation as me - earning, living in a different city, enjoying life, and who enjoy independance, marriage will have the same effect, in most cases. Basically, I am not rare, just not the same as those who dont mind gettin married and having children a little earlier in life, with a person they perhaps barely know.

Well,they may find me wierd by their standards. So its even ... kinda... i guess.
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