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Who is 'Self Made'!?

We admire some people, and we dont admire others.
Partners love something about each other.
Yet, how many of these things are actually their own?

The beautiful lady was born with genes that made her pretty. The only thing she can control is whether she 'maintains' herself.

The tall person was born that way. As was the short one. Nothing they can do about it.

The person called intelligent had the genes to activate those brains when born.

The talent of running fast, of painting, of having a talent of gift is based on which part of the brain was tickled more, usually thanks again to parental genes.

Even our names are something given to us by our parents.

What then is the self-made person? The fat guy who became fat because of overeating? The anorexic girl? The workaholic forced by circumstances?
Who can say that their reflexes are exaggerated responses to circumstances, not caused by a lower resistance to external influences. Who can say why some people will end up being fiercely competitive while others wont? And why still others will run away. Is it again, genes?

The circumstances and external environment may change, but are our responses already programmed? How much does external environment actually mould us? It only helps in exaggerating our in-built characteristics.

Are we but pre-programmed mechanisms in different realities? And when the realities are over, so are our cycles of life.
An iteration of reflexes.
By whom?
The same characteristics in different societies.
The same fish in different waters.

What is it then that we can call our own? The person whom we create using our genes? The cocktail of characteristics that will be made? Is that our only 'claim to individulalism' finally?
Is that the only thing that can be written down as "our own"? Because we are not "our own".

No I dont subscibe to this view point, but just found this line of thought interesting.
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