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Today after a long time - years, I used this perfume I used in IMI. i had bought it in delhi, and used it then. Itr it is - the smell of Myrrh.

The weather outside is cloudy, and though hot now, the a/c does not allow that feeling to pervail indoors.
Monsoons are here, yesterday was another of those days where evenings bring torrential and beautiful rains making nights divine. lightening accompanied by claps of thunder, rain pouring down, interspersed by dry spells.

The smell and the weather, and my late night resultant slight sleep sting in the eye, my being neck full of bitter coffee, yet in need of another cup couple together to take me back in my unconscious to passing of chits and mocking of teachers. Of energetic debates and music and movies. Of late nights and lazy days. To the days of IMI.

Yet again smells transport. I realise as I understand why I wanted to have that cold mug-full, with condensation on the outside, with strong wind and a light drizzle...marred by traffic jams caused by puddles on the roads!!

And yet again, another memory linked to rains.

Rains+anything takes me back to monsoons of some year. There is a memory for every type of rain. Every type of cloud formation...and new ones developing every year. I think if I pay attention, I can make a list of types of rains - quite like the list made by the rain-man/god in the Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy series.
Perhaps the weather makes the mood more relaxed and nostalgic than say a summer or a winter. but thats how I am. I have been mistaken for drunk over the phone...because Im so high on the strong wind, and lashing rains.

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