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Why isnt today Friday?

This week has been a week of misguided days. Everyday feels like a saturday.
I have simply not done anything at work (as in worked) yesterday. Thanks to rexzilla. *Glare* He sent this webcomic link, which I promptly got addicted to. Refreshingly outspoken and close to reality, its entertaining. And im still on 200-odd no, while he claims hes finished em.

The weather here is glorious (by what I call glorious)- Lots of rains. The days are dry, the evenings bring un-stoppable rains.
THere was no lightening last night, but day before. OMG day before. I actually saw a front move. Like in an animation/ Sci-fi movie.
Flashback to Day before
Reached home, and opened up windows. As I looked out, there seemed to be dust storm brewing. Then I saw it wasnt dust, but seemed to be impeding rains. So,I went to the terrace, and was almost thrown off the roof by the wind. Looked up and there was grey sky. On the horizon towards east there was a black cloth being drawn over the sky by an invisible hand. It was moving west with a steady speed. At the lip of the cloud cover was heavy rains. The rain looked black in the shadow of the clouds. And before I could take it all in, it was over me.
The rain started in a second, vertical where the cloud cover started, and after that there was darkness everywhere, severe wind, and HARD rain. Turned away, bent away from it, it lashed at my earlobes, which I covered with my hands. Not even half a minute of it, and I was wet through and through. Amazing.

After some time came back home, and saw my eyes were a scary red. Made a hot cup of coffee and had that with pages of LOTR, while movie soundtracks played and rain lashed outside. Cozy. I slept off the moment the coffee finished. Quite a contradiction eh ;)

Later in evening, rains stopped. I had brought over Superman I (remember the ooold one? THe first movie?) and was watching it when I realised there was flashes of light outside. [Do I need to write that I went to the terrace again?]
The sky. OMG the sky.
There was a layer of white puffy clouds close(r) to the ground. Above that all was a deep grey. And then there would be lightening. Everything would be lit up by electric lights. LIke a bright oxy-acetelene torch. And then you would realise there are two layers of clouds up there. And there was static between them. The amazing thing was, unlike the other day at the research center, this lightening was almost soundless. Just a distant roll of thunder, even though the lightening was right overhead.
The dogs around started barking, and sure enough after 20 minutes of all this there was wind and soon...torrential rain.
If afternoons were like the westerlies of Calcutta, this was proper North-Eastern Retreating monsoons.
aaye brishti jhempe
Dhaan debo mepe
Dhaaner moddhey poka
Jamai babu boka!

red sky, hard wind, lashing rain, flashes of lightening....yes indeed. Refreshing. Delightful.

However, rains and Gujarat are not old freinds. Soon it all stopped, leaving a cool windy night, just right for watching the Italy-Germany match. But I was tired, and retired to bed when the extra time started.
Back to Yesterday
Yesterday I brought to office the samosas from Maharaja Samosa Center which I had bought day before evening. Got them re-fried at the canteen for my colleagues. They had been asking for these famous special ones for quite some time now. they were a hit. As they always are :) Interesting samosas these. Small, almost bite sized, they come in three varieties - pea, dal and potato filled. THe chutney is an interesting thick green semi-solid stuff. Extremely spicy, but rather nice.
After that, I thought the day will be pretty much downhill. with work. But as you know, I dint do any. :)

My uncle had messaged that he would be in town. So in the evenig went and met him up. stayed over with him after dinner, cozy, away from the rain by a glass pane. Today morning made way to office from there. after a king-sized breakfast. But have caught a cold - my body aches. Including eyes.

Monday evening was also awesome. Got drenched in the rain on three separate occassions intersperced by delicious kebabs and then coffee. And had a nice drive at night...in post rain weather.

Today. Let us see what today evening brings.

So, I come to my original line. Why isnt it Friday today? This saturday is a holiday, and it sure feels like a friday. It is torture to remember there is office tomorrow.
I think I will fall ill on Monday. The weather is great, and there is an Italy-France game on Sunday - postmidnight. ;) [Sigh what a World cup. No Argentina, Brazil, England. And now no Germany.]

However, today its still 1130 hours, and hours to go before I leave. Lets get soem work done before that time comes, and stop dreaming about the outside weather!
"'Lifes not fair!' YES I know. But Why isnt it fair in MY favour?"
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