DippyBlogs (dippyblogs) wrote,

Hullo again

Yes, Diwali it was, and Id it has been.
I have been at home with my mom for a fortnight now. and its not a joke. To live with a parent after ages, is a little different, and though pleasant, after leaving her at the airport yesterday, I think i called more than 3 freinds and spoke to each for a considerable amount of time-immediately. Back at home, today morning I expected her around only to realise that she has left. Yes, I had got used to her, and little luxuries like making the coffee or overseeing the maid, or forcing down breakfast! but at the end, these are small sacrifices to responsibilities like "what are you doing" (keeping her entertained), "ill be back by.."( keeping a tab on time spent in office and out), and "whom were you talking to!" (for long phone conversations). As a freind of mine rightly pointed out - its Bitter-sweet, and luckily, there is no question of making a choice - its predecided. Funny how for some decisions you are thankful about it being out of your hands, for if within your reach to change, you are stuck between the horns of a dilemna!
Coming to freinds, it was a pleasant surprise to find that an old frnd of mine has taken to blogging (I hope thanks to me) and that too on live journal. I welcome you Rexjournalrexjournal!
And now...to Ahmedabad. Never seen a City like this in my variegated City life before! I have seen cities shut down on Diwali. I have seen cities shut down on Id, and cities shut down on 1 day of the famous Pujas (Yes, in Cal 50% shops close on the last day of the Pujas). A'bad falls into a category of its own. This city was fully functional on Diwali, infact ppl were supposed to work full time that day in many small businesses. But then...well the next day is new year for them, so they did not work. They came religiously and took "Bakshish" for Diwali. Now comes the interesting part. As per the culture here, the new books of accounts - ledgers etc open on the 5th day, i.e. panchami. Which happens to be Wednesday according to them. So, they dont work - in any sense of the word - till panchami. All Shops - yes..All shops and offices (apart from yours truly's office) are closed till tomorrow. Apart from PAntaloons, Westside and Weekender, and a few odd grocery and medicine stores - not to forget sweet shpos, everything is closed. It is like a self-imposed curfew. People are supposed to go to relatives homes with sweets. I have been cooped up at home with nothing to do and nowhere to go since Friday! Thankfully auto rickshaws are working (though not all). As SashdudeSashdude rightly pointed out, Its a wonder how a business community can afford to shut down for 4 full days!!
I am waiting eagerly for Thursday when maybe life can be normal again!!!!!

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