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tastes and tongues

I have always complained about the bitter taste of Saccharine. Even when people around me assure that the food is sweet and there seems to be no trace of saccharine in it, I find it extremely bitter and the taste lasts for ages.
Same goes for some other food stuff where I can identify a taste or find it too sharp.
Today mornign a colleague had bought 'maska-bun' i.e. famous bun n butter from a road-side tea shop. People eat it day in day out. They like it. Its famous. All over India. All colleagues had a taste. Me too. But now, my mought feels rotten! Distinct taste of saccharine. The bun was slightly sweet, so I guess there was a drop os saccharine there, and eugh...im actually having tea to drive the taste off my mouth.

Sweet as Saccharine always meant just as horribly bitter (which is true right? for ppl as sweet as s?) to me!

So i looked up the net for ppl who have this extra-sensitivity to S. It seems I may fall uner the category of a "super-taster". No wonder i find wine tastes distinguishable so easily, and same with bourborn and all. My frnds wonder why I dont like some very famous and so-called 'elite' brands of whiskey...I think I can say its because of my 'super-populated-taste-buds'.

Now the only test left to confirm is the blue-dye one. Wanna count my papillae people?

[Okay, so let me think im a super taster! What the heck]

Oh...and yeah, we will talk about sensitivity to smell another day when Sashdude is not around.

One thing I can do, which is a great help is...tell the salt content of a dish by its smell...with respect to my salt requierments of course!

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