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Random and Loo talks

So its a monday. was a nice weekend. Nothing tiresome, rather slow and easy infact. With LOTS of Brunch. Got some eggs and cold meats after ages and had a feast.

saw the last bit of World CUp 2006. Sigh. Gbye. But well worth it i guess. Zidane scored, and Italy won, just as I wanted. What more can i ask from such an unpredictable match? Yeah, so i missed Shakira and Argentina-Germany (DONT EVEN MENTION THAT!GAAAH!) but was a pretty decent season. Adieu.

even as i write this, i kept my hand near my face. and i could smell perfume. Ok so this has been re-iterated this week again. sorry, if its boring, but it seems my sense of smell is rather strong. when my nose gets clogged because ofa smell, there are so many who cant even smell it. Perfume counters and I last for a max of 3 perfume trials before i go totally numb for the next hour or more. in the nose. then if i apply perfume, the smell seems to be all around. but for al others concerned 'its a light odour' which they cant smell till the wrist is practically touching their noses! its not just a case of wearing the perfume so getting mroe of the smell.

So as i was saying, Loo talk. someday Ill post that article from a forward I got. not today though I think. im pretty sure it will make u laugh, and all women will empathise, but i dont think im quite there yet. about posting it I mean.

BAck to the point. So i went to the oo today afternoon, there weer two ladies there. One just married and terribly happy, and another calmy engaged for the coming year. Oh yeah, she has a 1.5 yr engagement. We call her Monalisa, and dont really know her real name. So Ill acll her M here.
So, there I was, washing my hands when the terribly happy girl comes up and
'Dips! youve gained weight. Right?' **beam**
err...yeah. perhaps? (I mean what do u say?)
'Yeah i thought so'
he he...i guess so then!
'Any good news?' **beam beam**
me: stunned
M: stunned.
M: I think u mean to say somethign else eh? he he
'No. Any good news? haan?' *Huge grin*
perplexed embarassed silence
M trying to make eye conatct and say something to the girl. Something like "shut up! u got the wrong line here!"
I avoid the whole thing. It cant be happening to me.
er...i think ill go now :D
M:you do know shes not married right?
'Oh yes! Oh...I meant are you engaged or soemthing? or getting married?'
laughing, shaking head and totally stunned,
I: no. No, im not getting married or anything close :) Cu later :)


a few hours later. Im exiting the loo. Guess who enters? Miss Happy. oops Mrs.Happy. A lightly embarassed one at that.
'Hey! I hope you dint mind!'
he he no...not at all
'Its just that women usually gain weight if they are engaged or married or .. uh... well, i dint mean that,...u know..'
he he I understand ..no im not married or engaged or anything


good news? married? engaged?

Guess now you know why my writing is bungled up today! geeeeez.

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10th Jul, 2006 13:12 (UTC)
**hysterical laughter**, poor you what a predicament, you will have to watch out before you enter the ladies room again, better off going in alone.. married indeed.. :)
your olfactory system is great no doubt, but what of me.. saturday i attended a wedding, and the little girls threw attar at me on the face, i couldnt sleep the whole night, kept getting up to wash the smell away. Sash-the super nose.
10th Jul, 2006 13:36 (UTC)
Re: hehehe
yeah...quite an eventful Loo here i say.
and i DID NOT go in with company. the company was already in there!
11th Jul, 2006 04:58 (UTC)
Words fail me..
11th Jul, 2006 08:36 (UTC)
What will people tell me if I dont gain weight after marriage?

And BTW, thanks for calling someone else M!!
:( :@
11th Jul, 2006 08:49 (UTC)
Re: Lol!!
hey! I wrote that my brain is 'bungled up'! couldnt think of anything to call her. M for MOnalisa. for once.
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