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I wonder if I had mentioned this IIT guy who had written to me about application to the company. well, here are a few exchanges to brighten up your day.

On a somewhat regular basis, I get mails with resumes for applying to my 'esteemed organization'...even though im not in HR. well, all in a days work. I usually forward them to the HR person, and thats that. Sometimes when im generous, i reply to the person and inform HR. and then, thats that. (same as any business query not related to me.)
You must have guessed thats NOT what happened here. Read ahead.

[For once I think I can keep the real name on the post. How many people will read tis eitherway?]
This was his first mail to me. and my response. story usually ends here. Seems my responding was a BIG mistake.


sir, my self sushnta kumar mishra doing m.tech. in chemistry department of iit roorkee i want to join in t***** pharma so can you give me the ph. no. or email id of hr manager


Hi Sushanata,

Pls contact Mr. S^ P^^^^^ (marked on this mail) for a suitable opening.

Best regards,

Dips (Ms.)


Deleted in irritation by me.
I deleted this mail because of ... frustration. something on the lines of "madam, sa^^ is not replying to my mail. can you please tell me what to do?" just make the english bad. VERY bad. I had not responded, and then I get mail today.

To the guys credit though, he called me 'madam' and not sir any more.


medam, can you give me the ph. no. of mr. s^r p^*insert spell error*^^.
thank you mem.


I swear I have not retouched the contents of the mails in any way.
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