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The Art of Coffee Consumption

There is nothing like a HOT cup of coffee to touch the spot.
Sure, theres cold coffee and tea. but when it is 'that' feeling you require, nothing except a piping hot cup can do the trick.

My favourite type is water based coffee, with minimal milk and no sugar. Pre-crushed and roasted beans work best. Aroma is just as (if not more) important as the unadulterated flavour of the coffee beans.
The coffee should be light yet strong, with a lingering flavour.
Sure I like thick coffees, sweet ones, milk based filter coffees etc, but nothing beats the above variety for anytime coffee.

After preparing the cup, the first sip is vital. It tells you how the coffee is, and proves that it is the real manna.
A careful sip so as not to scald the lips, after a deep breath of the wafting vapours. A slight roll of the flavoured water in mouth before slowly but purposefully swallowing it. Feel it meander down the throat and then, release breath. You can feel it 'hit the spot'.

One can then feel the heat and release course through every vein in the body. The satisfaction of knowing that there are some things that remain the same, are always 'heaven' and the feeling of relaxation coupled with exhileration.

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13th Jul, 2006 07:16 (UTC)
i guess its only coffee you are talking about, you make it sound almost orgasmic.. :D. still i guess coffee does that to you, or is it the caffeine?
13th Jul, 2006 10:38 (UTC)
Re: :)
i think u missed the part where i talk of aroma and no sugar. as well as the portion where i ask u to smell deeply and then swirl it in mouth and sawllow etc etc. sigh.
13th Jul, 2006 10:45 (UTC)
Re: :)
ya i read that,.
where do you think you have had the best coffee of your life?, i had it in jodhpur coffee house, unbelievable.. :)
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