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Meter the stages

A morning dose. Written a few days ago, thought might as well post it :) A guide to how drunk you are and what the mind thinks!
When you are:
Sober: you dont think about looking sober. you Do think about not getting inhibited, and being free.

Not yet 'happy' but getting there: you dont think about looking sober or drunk. you Do think about the next drink or absence of it thereof.

Happy: you dont think of what you just said. Not too much. you DO think about why that one step went a wee bit out of line. yeah yeah, it was the manifestation of the mental jig you were doing. and that bottle slipped a centimiter because of condensation. None of your fault.

Happily Happy. No, not high: you dont think about what you said. even if you DID think, it does not matter. you DO think about walking. getting up seems to be a priority though.

High: hell who cares. Im high, and perhaps walking on a little crooked line. did i say that out loud? eh? cant hear too well.

After that: i think all functions more or less stop working.
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