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Bits and pieces

Day before yesterday spent the whole evening at home. Was not feeling particularly great after a hectic sunday and late night (inadvertent). Well, knowing me, I could not be still. So I re-cleaned the house, set the channels on TV, set up the music system (my old mp3 player and my FM-cum-speakers) in my bedroom, etc etc. Was fun actually to stay at home and sleep early.
I found another calender and hung it in my bedroom. Now, after hanging it I realised why I had not done so earlier. It is a calendar I got with the TV..thanks to the dealer. Plain with big numbers, it states the name of the dealer, and a small quote at the bottom. Sample of quote...the quote for the month of July -
'Nature is a Mother who neither Forgives nor Forgets'.

Yesterday, read book and listened to music after office I mean. Ahh..nice to do these things once in a while.

So, yesterday. Was outside our scenic office complex, having tea while my colleague had his ciggarette (not alowed inside the campus). This tea-cig shop is adjacent to the main entrance and next to the complex's boundary, and that of a neighbouring party plot...with gardens and trees on both ends. As a rsult there is a profusion of squirrels and birds, varieties of the latter depending majorly on the season.
So yesterday P and I were sitting there, enjoying the solitude and escape from computers when we saw this crow trying to pick up a piece of stale bread lying on the ground, left by the shop owner for that very purpose. Suddenly the crow seemed anxious and flew to a point on the short barbed wire fence. A squirrel came into picture throught he foliage, and in the blink of an eye, had reached the crows feet (literal for once, nothing to do with lines near eyes). The crow, startled, moved away, and the squirrel made for the 'kill'. It jumped at the crow, and truly attacked it. Then, the squirrel having successfully jumped around and terrified the crow, went to pick and devour the bread. The crow, meanwhile not knowing what had hit it, returned to what he thought was an unsuspecting squirrel. Well, it paid by having to fly off, without any bread of course, after being subjected to the insult of being chased by a four-legged ground-bound creature less than half its size.
If I am not wrong, a few days ago I had seen (perhaps) the same crow and its f(r)eind give chase to a small swallo and even hold it by its wings. The swallow did escape, but it was an unnerving sight to see then.

So today morning I wake to find a light rain falling. Soon it stopped, leaving a cool day in its wake, and I reach office and wipe off the remnants of work of yesterday before tea time...work which I had been unable to finish while making a literal dash for the office bus, and also some new mails for today. Now to attack the backlog I have been trying to avoid for some time.

Did I mention that due to some stupid problem my bookmarks after a certain date have just got erased from my comp. Erased. Bookmarks. Damn!

And my computer is ... too too too slow!
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