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Yesterday and next month

During a conversation yesterday, it struck me. On 3rd August, I will be 25.
I will actually BE 25. Not think im 25, not be mistaken to be 25, not say im 25.
but actually be, twenty-five years old.

Supposing I live to be a 100, thats exactly one-fourth of my life ending.
of which, I dont have memory of anything, or have realisation of anything i did, for quite a bit of time.

Now, in school I was always in a class with children a yr or so older than me...and the same in college. it somehoe evened out a bit in college, but then B-school it was back to the same thing.
at work, its not noticeable, and heaven knows there have been so many occassions where I have wished to at least look a little older, if not be.
But then one grows used to some things. Like knowing that your juniors are the same age, if not older than you.
Now i have reached that age where my juniors are the same age as me... the last time possibly when this will happen.
bittersweet. kinda difficult to assign work to someone who knows ur as old as him/her...but nothing that cant be overcome, and is. hence bitter.

I am actually, for the first time in my life, appreciating age. It is a first. Am i repeating myself? Well, whatever.
The point is, I am actually realising, i am growing older, and new younger people are coming in.

That keeping up with people of my age has a totally new dimension to it...it is no more about keeping up with your batchmates as well as juniors, its about only batchmates and few juniors.

It is amazing, exciting and interesting to think there will actually be people who will join under me, who are actually younger than me.

Yes, now I will be touching five times five. I will be as old and older than people around me. The time scale has shifted, and I have moved a rung higher. Closer to where I wanted to be, closer to what I thought was comfortable, closer to why so many men and women do lie..or hide their age.

I guess i will still be younger than my contemporaries (like always), but I will be older than some almost-contemporaries.

I will be entering my late twenties and I have with me an education of so many years, a post graduation, a work experience of three years, a number of frinds, a life away from home - a happy single life, and yet, do I know where I am going? Perhaps somewhere I have an inkling. But am I going there? Am I doing anythign to go there?

Will the answers come to me? Or will third August this year too, pass as just another day on the calendar which I forget.

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19th Jul, 2006 12:10 (UTC)
JM....finally I see someone happy at the idea of growing old..hehehehe

Particularly "It is amazing, exciting and interesting to think there will actually be people who will join under me, who are actually younger than me."...Haan Haan kyon nahin ;)
Remember that they haven't legalized Child Labour, and your organization can be taken to the court :D
19th Jul, 2006 12:22 (UTC)
Re: Lol
Hah! M! 'Child Labour' CANNOT apply to me anymore :D even in jest now :)

actually, im having mixed feelings.
19th Jul, 2006 19:35 (UTC)
you know
25 is an awesome age to be, old enough to be taken seriously and young enough to frolic in the company of younger people, and not definitely an age to be asking those answers yet. Still you will remain the baby amongst us..ouch!.:D.
26th Jul, 2006 03:58 (UTC)
age-old question of "am I going somewhere or is it going to be just another day"...... the day you answer that question, life will cease to have meaning and end up being a quest. So don't stop enjoying your life. It's the uncertainty that adds spice to life.

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