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After a very long time, I took out my black nail polish. Unfortunately, i did not wait long enough for it to dry before doing stuff.
HOwever, black short nails it is in office :) feels good to wear black nail enamel. Thought of making the nails square, but they arent long enough as of now.

So yesterday picked up the dvd of Fight Club. Watched half of it, but darn good movie. again. Comedy, fun, insightful. Interesting. and not just the script, the photography, direction, acting.

My phone had conked off, and i reset the clock, Guess what i forgot? Setting the alarm time! So today morning, woke up by 6, and thought its a tad too early to be up and about, and the next thign i knew, it was 9.30 in the am.
Well, told boss...am coming to office, but late. Called the HO, arranged for a car (im damned if i take an auto to office) and then took a leaisurely bath and ate a hearty breakfast. THe car was scheduled to leave HO at 11am, with 3 others. Well, the driver arranged for others to take some other car. They all know me. (Okay, im bragging, but it felt good). SO, i got dropped to work in a nice car. While the driver invited me to his house for a nice Biryani meal one day. his wife is a good cook and he supplies biriyani for parties to office ppl.

Entered office at 11.30am. Not a bad time I say,. Sigh. if only it were everyday ;)
Even not so good a mail from US boss hasnt managed to dampen mood ...yet.
If only HR realised the importance of flexi timings....actually, perhaps then we wont appreciate em anymore!

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26th Jul, 2006 03:52 (UTC)
It's good that there are no flexi-timings in most jobs or you'll end up doing stuff at weird hours. You can ask anyone from production support group. It's such a pain-in-the-you-know-where kind of a job. You are never sure when you'll have to drop everything and cling onto your lappy!! Jesus!! I think you'd hate such jobs and timings !!!

- Rexjournal
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