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Movie time embarassment

So. How embarassing is it when the following happens?

You are sitting in a movie hall with a group of freinds, and no one but you wants a pepsi. Which you pass on to the only other person who wants a sip after some time. And you get the comment:
"Isnt it tasting a little different? Like strawberry, or peach or something?"
YOu almost say "no" when you realise and say matter-of-factly
"Oh! That must be because of my lipstick"



the man doesnt know what to say, neither do I, laugh a lot, take back the cup, try to offer pepsi without the straw, and well, get embarassed. Say a "no, nothing" to unconvinced neighbours, and just watch the show. Oh yes, and dont offer pepsi again.

And then the next day...leg pulling...ideas on offer from him. Hello, isnt he supposed ot feel a little...say, wierd?
'Im going to offer this design to Pepsi...a lip shape on the straw with flavour on it. Good idea. Pepsi sales will def increase'
yeah sure. bugger off buster.

Lesson learnt - do not offer your straw to freinds if ur wearing lipstick. You can avoid potentially embarassing situations....for yourself.

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26th Jul, 2006 03:56 (UTC)
OK, got your point, my dear. I shall not offer my straw to anyone else... tho' I don't think I need to worry too much about lipstick...... I ain't into acting, ya know!!!

26th Jul, 2006 07:21 (UTC)
he he
well, the only thing i hope u can (and wont) pass on is 'cooties'... :D
only thing is, if u dont want to taste lipstick, dont pass on to a female lipstick adorned frnd of urs.
the 'SHE' is not going to get anything new....YOU are.
26th Jul, 2006 04:39 (UTC)
Not a bad idea actually ;)
Esp if u r trying to flirt.
26th Jul, 2006 07:19 (UTC)
Re: :D
Will keep your point in mind for future m'dear...though there can be a lot other things to flirt with than a straw! ;)
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