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1st Aug, 2006

SOmething that Rexjournal wrote in a mail brought me to this.
It is truly amazing how the more we hanker after soemthign, the more inaccessible it gets.
What we want most, seems to be just out of reach. Almost, but not quite in hand.
"When you want something, all the world conspires in helping you to achieve it"
Thats what Coelho had said in The Alchemist. I really believed it. However, I forgot one thing...that by the end of the book he also shows the achievement does not mean anything by the time you achieve it.
It is the moment that makes the difference I feel, not the achievement. For afterall, if one wants to own the game of monopoly as a child, buying one at the age of 30 is really, hardly of any help, except a satisfaction of knowing that you have 'achieved' it.
It is, the 'time' of achievement that makes the achievement a real, well, achievement.
At the other times, you will never get what you want at that moment. One is always at a loss of words when words are most required. Memory fails you when it is crucial to remember exactly that incident. And, to be more commonplace, the house keys are always unavailable when you are in a hurry.
However, moving away from the mundane everyday things, an observation of our greater wants is to be seen.
Hope and want, together form a heady mixture and confidence. However, fate is ironical. Confidence and a form of hubris bring forth vanity, a sure shot recipe for downfall. Hence, it is rarely that one achieves the goal immediately. There is humility however, after some time, by when the want has reduced, but achievement is assured...The TIME however, remains wrong.
The most important part therefore remains to want something, with dedication btu not with a do or die sitation.
It would seem that it is important to want things, but want them because well, you want them, but not because you cannot live without them. That makes one desperate. And desperation is not good. It tends to create mistakes, and expose weaknesses.
To want something, to have that thing, one needs to keep all mental faculties working and for that, one has to keep a cool head, and be able to think - be it the car keys or something much much bigger.

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3rd Aug, 2006 09:39 (UTC)
ur last statement is which says it all - "much much bigger" and "cool head"! In a wyrd sense, Coelho is right somewhere... Universe does conspire in helping you achieve what you really want... If one believes that at the time of wanting that thing, what you really wanted was "much much bigger" or "much much deeper" and your immediate wants were just a mere reflection/ physical manifestations of those needs.. one might also be misunderstanding the needs... Sometime I feel like having / owning something very much but later on I realize basically those were 'substitution needs" of 'something much more deeper / bigger"
So , as i always say, everything unaccountable that happens, WSGMM is accountable for that....aso, because of much more profound meaning of your last statement , you are a fine writer, kiddo! :) cuz when u need "much bigger things" u need to have a cool head to see clearly in this hazy reality
- dark wing!
3rd Aug, 2006 09:47 (UTC)
Re: comment!
well, one of the assumptions were that what yuo are wanting, is the much much deeper thing.
But yeah, I can agree. Never said Coelho was wrong...but then, if u remember, even in the book, by the time he got what he wanted, he had moved on.
at every stage in life the intensity and deepness of thoughts change. SO, the hidden meaning of some want may be apparent only much later, but as far as that moment is concerned, its the ultimate want, and the ultimate deep meaning for the same.

And...im a good writer just cuz of the proofound meaning of my sentence that u have garnered? tcha! compliment accepted, other ramifications are not ;)
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