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The Calendar

Have I ever written about the calendar that hangs from my bedroom? It is a pretty simple one that I got from a shop along with some purchase. As calendars go, it shows the month, year, and days of the month as well as highlighting the possible holidays ..in a subtle grey tone. As its from an electronic sop, a small panel on the right has photographs of different electronic items the shop sells, in a muted grey, and at the top is the shop name. The whole thing is a comfortably big size, to be hung from wall.
The numbers are big, easy to read, and really, it is a good calendar. Pretty averagely good. Nothing spectacular in it. So why this note dedicated to it? Well, you see, this calendar is different. It has a quote for every month. Placed at the bottom of the big page. In decent font - simple Arial italics. Big, easy to read. So what you say. Quotes are there in many calendars right? Well, you need to sample the quotes.
July, for example repeatedly told me in very matter of fact tones:
'Nature is a Mother which
Neither forgives nor forgets.'

Period. 31 days of that news can be a little unnerving.
August now. and guess what? well, I quite havent had the time to memorise t, but it goes soemthing on the lines of:
(we shold take care of how we live cuz) Life is a journey to make our Deaths easier.
Wow. Thanks. I really need that information!

Im wondering now who made those quotes. A rather morose person whose idea of inspiring people is rather...well, macabre would be a strong word, but almost there.
And the shop actually approved that calendar, and have happily distributed it to so many ppl! Geez!

Well, now the thing is, what do I do with the calendar? It is otherwise, rather decent a one.
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