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Phone update

So I at last join the ranks of the higher level mobile phone holders. Years of pestering and commenting by my freinds and I still stuck to my faithful Nokia 3610 GSM handset. Hardy, even after successful completion of three years its usable. Indeed, a handy phone. the cover is the same as it was when I bought it...though faded and marred by portions where the white paint has peeled off in patches. Withdrawn from the Indian market be Nokia, this phone has been my 'brother in arms through thick n thin for, as I mentioned, three years.
It is still kept in my room at home, for those times when my present phone might not be allowed into the premises...where camera phones are not allowed (Though of course it is at that time that I will carry my CDMA phone in, being the lower range Nokia model).
So now, I have three working phones albeit (and thankfully) two connections.
The new phone is a pride :) A Nokia N72, it certainly is a splurge and a luxury I did not really ever think I will indulge in, till I did. After seeing this phone and looking at my past experience, it did not seem like I will be going in for a new phone anytime soon (im not like those often swappers with a new model avery few months), it seemed, well, top of the line.
WIthin a day of owning it, I feel comfortable with most of the functions I can access at the moment. Since I could not yet instal the games, wallpapers, lifeblog etc on it :( not having got the opportunity to.
You almost become used to the phone till someone looks at it and wants it. Till they send you music from their phone and realise t sonds better on mine. Till the pictures from their phone looks better on mine's screen. Till the internet access speed is unmatched with the same service provider, till ...
Well, I know i have no stand against RexZilla's N 91, yet.

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