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They can happen anywhere, to anyone, anyhow.
Statistically it is proven that the maximum number happen at home. Not on the streets, not on flights, not crossing the road. In the relative safety of your house.
Hell, I broke my toe as a kid on home stairs, my tooth on my home bathroom floor and almost all my non-games related scratches and cuts from corners and turnings at home.
These however, pale in comparison to a dislocated knee while bending down, and a broken hip bone while changing clothes.
Some people are iller more often than others, in the same environment with the same food habits. Some say that is because of mental health. In some cases, a happy healthy person eating the same as his spouse can simply be iller more often for some unknown reason.
As I heard about Sashdude's injury, it really did not seem to sink in. Till much later in the night when the magnitude of the injury sunk in.
Ahh, well.
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