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Hope is what keeps us alive. Waiting and yearning for the event to happen. To make it happen. That is what it all comes down to.
Hope is what keeps us toiling. The hope that the next day will be just as good if not better than today.

Hope keeps us going. It increases aspirations, it brings joy, it is the ultimate driver.
Apprehension arises out of hope. It is expectation at a certain point of time that gives way to apprehension - the hope of realising that expectation.

Hope is so often clubbed with joy. Yet how often is it that hopes are dashed. That aspirations crushed, and expectations ruined?

The few moments when hope is ripe gives us joy, it is the journey thats important say people. Yet what if the journey is futile? The rosy glow of hope makes the taste of failure even more bitter.

That is when you think it is better not to have hoped at all.

Yet, when you hope and things turn out as desired, the journey becomes important. Because, a fulfilled hope is mroe of a destiny fulfilling itself..rather than a sweet surprise, a result of your toils.

Yet what is man to do? He keeps hoping!
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