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12th Aug, 2006

like an awesome day. awese weather could barely drag myself out of bed. somehow managed bath and to bus stop..only to realise hair was wet, and i had forgotten a clip/band or anything.
Wel, passed th day with open hair in my face...really not used to that in office
Anyway, so my colleague managed admin rights on his comp an di think i will get the pc suite tc started off there only to realise he doesnt have a usb port...which I do, and i dont ahve admin rights. bah.

evening rush from office. take auto to the nokia shop, and realise that the shop is closed. for some reason. go to another shop nearby ...guess what? their comp has crashed. anyway, went to another shop. on the way, met some acquaintance whom i dint want to meet. so thn finally manage to go to a nokia priority shop with a working cmputer...only to see an office colleague trying to purchase a phone and asking for my advice while i try answering incessant calls on one phone and try installing my pc suite...so i can copy songs
well. the usb port here seemed to b out of order (i realised later). lft, met DK, left him as he went off for his extended office-holiday-trip. picke dup a book for vinky, and came home. As I had magined, the courier guy had not dropped my tickets. Train tomorrow mornig.
I like train journys...time all to myself, and this time i have chosen a morning train. lookin fwd to it.
so anyway, went home, called courier guy, shouted at him. picked up installation gear and went to nearby cyber cafe. USB drive does not worek! another computer. Hooray!!! It works!!

Now to transfer adta to my larger memory card from smaller card in this slow and awful comp (why is it that the comp on which external devices work has the worst monitor, keyboard and mouse??).
Then to comy songs. and...the CD drive conks out. i mean...hello?
Meanwhile couroier guy arrives at cafe, i get tickets, and...after a restart, i manage to copy songs on the h/d. while im typing, the songs are being converted and copied into my phone. ahh....some relief :)

now tomorrow morning i go to bm bay, meet Vinky and Sonali,..and hopefully have a decent trip sans rains/floods.
whatever it is, im looking fwd to it.


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19th Aug, 2006 08:50 (UTC)
JM.. with so many typos, I myself felt tired after I read the blog :P
19th Aug, 2006 08:57 (UTC)
thats the only thing u could comment?!!

By the way, ull be delighted to know LJ has finally been tracked and almost-successfully blocked by our dear IT dept. this is from a proxy server. too much effort though :(
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