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Pace of Life

The electronic media is potentially dangerous with respect to deletion.
Once deleted, nothign can be done about it. Its not a tangible that can be reclaimed from a fire. It is nothing that can be picked up, no matter how dirty, from the trash, nor followed behind the postman. Like a spoken word, objects once deleted, cannot be reclaimed, in any way whatsoever.

Interesting. Just goes ahead to show that everything has a time span, and time spans are reducing. From months to days, to mere seconds now. The decision making for final deletion choice is a "yes" and a "no" choice to be made in the next few seconds. It is not crumpling up a peice of paper and throing it in the dustbin without a scond thought, because if needed, yuo can reclaim it in the next 20 mins or more.

How fast will we finally go? Will the blink of an eye seem like an eternity.
How is it that with so much compaction in time lines on everything, we have even lesser time to spend on our own? THat we do lesser activities than our grandparents? That we have seen lesser of life than them in so many respects? [I may have travelled more, but have learnt definitely lesser]
Is it that the beauty of the slow system was the time it gave us to assimilate incident-ary, accidental, collateral information? Is it that the human mind can give acute importance only after a certain time span, and with present speed, it may get difficult to always have that level of accuracy where we can work without that time span?
Perhaps. Perhaps that is why we get tired sooner.

Our lives are gettign longer, we are tending to living more, in a 'healthier' way, and with activity time span reducing, the possibiltiy of doing more tings in life apparently increases. However, the rude realities of money and time spent in making it make the possibilty of doing more things in our longer life rather slim.

Makes you think doesnt it? Whats it all for?


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22nd Aug, 2006 01:57 (UTC)
I am in an "I should perhaps take life a little slower" mood right now, after clocking more than 4 successive 100 hour weeks. And that is exactly why I want to engage in a fierce retaliation of what you are saying,except that I am too tired, lol.

What you point out needs to be pointed out. Equally true is that we all have this thing about believing that our previous generations were 'happier', peaceful and led more contented lives. Interestingly, I believe, our previous generations, too, thought on similar lines during their days (but now they are too old or self-obsessed to own up).
31st Aug, 2006 08:47 (UTC)
oh yeah
I totally grant you the Right of Retaliation!! :D
its true all generations think earlier was better. usually i dont. i think ive written that before. i mean, past is always better as (and because) past. not as present.
but once in a while its fun to go back and say "sigh! those were the days!"

rather late in replying, but with work piling up, its too much of a chore to access this site since ITD has woken up to its existence and blocked it.
31st Aug, 2006 08:51 (UTC)
Re: oh yeah
they blocked muh orkut, them wimposters
31st Aug, 2006 08:58 (UTC)
Re: oh yeah
how much will they block the idiots? its not diff to find a 'second source' but it def is a pain to shift.
22nd Aug, 2006 01:57 (UTC)
In general, I like your posts on the daily nuances of life :-)
31st Aug, 2006 08:55 (UTC)
thanks. its nice to see a comment in a while, makes me remember that i am writing not only for myself, but also for an audience ;)
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