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Idle Musings

It has been quite some time since I wrote anything, and access block to LJ is not the least of the deterrents.
Today after a long time I played winamp at work, and that too old favorites - Champagne Supernova, Wonderwall, Amazing, Nothign Else Matters, Unforgiven II etc. It all sounds sooo good :)
Weekend spirit prevails. As does apprehension about a rather important telecon in the evening. If it gets late, I miss an important appointment later in the evening. Well, not miss, but perhaps get unduly delayed. Hope I get a lift out of here.

Travel - how I enjoy it. Went to Udaipur this weekend with an old freind from college days. Beautiful place - its almost a hill retreat. I had almost forgotten most of it, having gone there as a kid. Had fun. Back and to office the next day, but back still hurts after the 5 hr bus journey each way.
It is not for the first time that I have the realization that my mind cannot keep pace with my body. I should say the other way round, but then I think 50% (or more) of the population I know moves along at the apce of my body and not my mind. i would mind another trip this weekend, but Im afraid my muscles wont bear up...if there are any ;)
The journey is very nice, especially at this time of the year, but hell, it hardly ever is comfortable. However, and heres a promise I hope I wont regret - I shall successfully make a trip to Daman. I think ive written about my Daman Disasters earlier.
However, I think it is time now for some relaxation to recoup energy levels.

Sometimes I wonder whether the reason we (some of my frnds and me) seem (almost) tireless in thinking, wondering and wanting to do so many things is because we dont actually do enough in the course of daily events. Perhaps we dont really work hard at office, dont really pay 100% attention in... well, most things. As a result, there is always this portion of us which is not tapped and hence we want to do more, and well, as far as the body/time is concerend, it has been used 100%. Hence the lag/ difference.
Then again, I think im wrong somewhere in the reasoning.

The other day as I looked out a window and looked at the workers involved in the construction taking place next door, it struck me as to whether the payment system here really is just. Manual laborors have since time immemorial been paisd lesser than their 'brain' counterparts. They use all their energy, work hard in sun and rain, lift weights, construct basic structures etc etc, yet it the person who will sit in one place and direct the movement of those very bricks who will get paid more. Perhaps my answer rests in the last sentence, that it is because they tell where the bricks should lay to those who lay it that they are respected more and paid more. However, it is development of one aspect of the human body over other, and at soem level there should be equal credit for both. Perhaps.

Think about it, the more one is in a thinking job, the less physical exertion there is. The inversality of the relationship is almost universal. And less the time of exertion required, higher the level of responsibility, importance and vitality of work done. It is somewhat like one minute of Einsteins time being equivalent to 100s of me working for 100 hours, and perhaps 1,000,000 labor-hours of construction work...to put it very losely.

Yet, like any good 'rule', there are exceptions to this. First off, there may be cases where the person thinking at the top is not there because of his capability, but also some extraneous factor. This is what converts the situation from 'ideal' to 'realistic'.

Secondly, there may be some cases where physical and mental prowess are required at equally high levels - martial art masters to give one example.

And then agin, there may be some cases where physical labour is considered superior to mental prowess. However few such cases may be.

Ah wel, idle musings of an unoccupied mind it seems :)
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