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and so i join my new company.same city, same lingo. new ppl, new responsibilities. new boss. not bosses.
got a laptop. seems a little ancient, but i think its not that old either. definitey not tis yr, but not older than last yr. wil definitely do, cnsidering it has an active cdr/dvd player and active usb ports. thingd whose existence i had almost forgotten.
however, till now, dont have external email access, wndering when should be the rght time to ask for them. at least i have admin access.
boss is not wel, and my pre-planned travel tomorrow to a site with him might get canclled. tickets lie with me as i wait for confirmation.
my frst job shift, apprehensive? not really. wierd at that.
todays my first day, so im suposed to be relaxing. let me see how tomorrow goes and how the it systems go.
till later then.
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