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Work Days

Day 1: new office. Hr introductions, handed the laptop. Also handed tickets for journey to one of the manufaacturing facilities the next day to get involved in a project.
Boss hurts back, trip cancelled. No work practically for the day. Bored to death. More than happy to go home. However, boss wll be coming the next day.
Feels good to be referred to as "top management" by HR albeit misguidedly.

Day 2: Boss advised bed rest - got a slipped disk or something similar. Handed some work on phone by him (and he then confessed as to be relieved to at last give me some work). Day went so-so. amazingly awesoely bad IT. Everything blocked in a very intelligent manner. I think they may be having a tie-up with some company for that. Else the key word url block is well thought out. The page actually comes up saying "Dear xyz, the page u have been trying to access is "url" wich falls nder the category of 'music/entertainment/sharing and downloading/proxy etc'(it is specified what kind). you do not have permission to access such sites as of now." how many indian companies will know about www.questionablecontent.net ?
very sweet.
and very debilitating. Silver lining...since it is thanks to the internet here, i can probably use internet fro outside and be fine.
Evening boss calls over to his house to meet me, and a very boring meeting with him ensued. Afterall, hes a sick man and being my first meeting with him outside the interview room, there is only so much I can say. Also, as he explais work, there is only so much enthusiasm I can show on the repeat of the topics.
Being an IIM grad, he sure does have the inclination for reading management preachings though.

Introduced my immediate company to the niceties of Dippys brain and thoughts. A conversation on smoking and different smoking brands and future of the same worldwide can certainly reduce the apprehensions of men who have never worked with women as colleagues. Canteen food is pathetic.

Hooked up laptop to my speakers and played music full blast at home last night...where I used the media library to choose songs. Much more convinient than DVD/TV output method.

Day 3: My second and more elaborate blog post from office goes up. (on-going). Morning was very sleepy, so played the mild song I had copied last night - Aao Huzur/Punjab. Immediately liked by colleague. Hence, copied some f the softer songs from phone onto laptop, and currently playing.

Since I cannot access mails, have starte relegiously updating goowy mail, and today customised my google home page - felt the nedd to. Also included the small email button. Darn convenient - can send emails from any address to any address from there - only tex and small mails though. Good enough.
Also, talked on phone from desk itself.

Naah, i dont give ppl enough time to get used to me. I make them do that immediately. ITD already knows me n my questions. Soon the others will too I guess.

Other notes:
Today is Mahalaya - the first day of Durga Puja, and tomorrow night onwards starts Navratri.
Plan to shift house over weekend if electricity in new place is setup.


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23rd Sep, 2006 20:07 (UTC)
the IT prob is not new to u.. man u know all the proxy server sites... so what stopping...

and give people time....

and ur cal was flodded man....
25th Sep, 2006 09:43 (UTC)
u have to use this to believe it.
proxy sites also blocked! all of them. even from google search page #10.
25th Sep, 2006 03:46 (UTC)
Btw, if you have not noticed, I am kind of angry with u :( :@
25th Sep, 2006 09:12 (UTC)
Re: JM
:/ i guess
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